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Most Frequent Question - Customer

When do you normally see results for laser hair removal?

Typical results start on the 2nd or 3rd session. You will see visible hair patching around the treated areas. Results will improve with additional sessions. Results vary by individual.

Does laser hair removal painful?

It is compared to a rubber band snap. Our laser can be adjusted higher or lower depending on persons tolerance.

How long do the results last for laser hair removal?

During your first year you will need 6-8 sessions. Then you will only need one session every 6 months followed by a one visit per year for a ``Maintenance Session``

Will you encounter any side effects after a chemical peel?

You will experience some redness for first couple of days followed by peeling of the skin. You can compare it to a sunburn and should allow the dead skin to come off on its own. We recommend scheduling your appointment on Thursdays so you may recover over the weekend.


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